Work with Me

In my coaching sessions I will:

  • Offer a safe and confidential environment where you can feel free and comfortable to talk about your challenges in an open and honest way.
  • Provide a space where I will help you set your own goals which will enable you to fulfil your own potential and live the life that you really want.
  • Help you gain a new perspective around alcohol and develop healthier ways to live a life without being dependent on anything outside of your own self.
  • Help you to explore the feelings and emotions that you might have found difficult to cope with and which led you to think of alcohol as a temporary solution to them.
  • Support you in working through and overcoming challenges that you might still find difficult to deal with even if you are now leading an alcohol-free lifestyle.

I’m not there to fix you, you are not broken, none of us are! We just need some help from time to time to find new solutions to tackle our everyday issues. I will be there help you find ways that work well for you. It might not always be a smooth journey, and you might find some rocky patches along the way, but I will be there beside you and support you in finding your freedom and changing those beliefs that have been holding you back until now.

As your coach, I believe that you have all the resources you need to become what you really desire. Sometimes these resources are buried or hidden from us and I will help you to bring them up to the surface again so that you can use them to fulfil your true potential.

I am based in Hastings, East Sussex (UK), and nowadays most of my sessions are on Skype or Zoom; I have found that remote sessions are as effective as face-to-face ones and some of the advantages include:

  • Being in the comfort of your own home or the environment you choose to have the session in and feel more relaxed;
  • It’s travel friendly: you don’t need to worry about finding parking or catching a train or a bus to go home;
  • More time for yourself after the session: as you won’t need to rush home, you can have more time to reflect about what you dealt with during the session, regroup, gather your thoughts and write down a plan if you want to;
  • It’s free: you won’t have to spend money for phone calls, you just have to make sure that your internet connection works;
  • You can connect from anywhere as Skype can be downloaded on your phone