Testimonial 4

“Ilaria is absolutely brilliant. I had been in therapy in the past but nobody had been able to help me as much as she has. I had never heard of EFT and Matrix Reimprinting before but I was open to try it. I had complete trust in her because she really cares. One of the many things I loved about my sessions with Ilaria is that I never felt pushed in any way. She challenged me, but in a very gentle way and I felt safe. We worked on several issues that I had been struggling with for years, in particular sexual abuse that happened when I was younger, and I didn’t even have to go into detail of what had happened to me, which was a relief. I managed to free myself completely from the bundle of negative feelings that I had been carrying with me since the abuse, I couldn’t believe it. Sessions with her are easy and just flow and I had some quite big realisations about the way I related to my past, my family, friends, and people in general. Her heart-warming nature, her compassion and intuition are just some of the qualities that make her such a great therapist. I will never be able to thank her enough.”

J.C. – East Sussex