Testimonial 3

Prior to starting the sessions, Ilaria sent me a form to complete detailing the issues I had and filling out this form helped me to sort out my thoughts and made me focus on what it was I really wanted. The coaching sessions I had with Ilaria were extremely thought provoking as she is an attentive and compassionate coach. Within the first sessions, I was helped to determine my work values and overcome negative feelings which put things into perspective.  The other sessions brought up a lot of emotions as she used EFT and NLP techniques. I was very pleased I did them with Ilaria as she provided a safe space for me to be vulnerable and was very warm and understanding during the sessions. Ilaria has enabled me to see things clearer and now I know how to move forward. She has helped me to develop a more positive frame of mind, and my life has become more manageable as a result. Ilaria also reminded me that I can be the person that I want to be and there are simple ways of putting myself in a more positive position in order to achieve my goals. I cannot really thank her enough for using her amazing techniques and more importantly her generous and kind nature in using these sessions to help me move forward with the goals in my life now and in the future.”

S.F. – London, UK